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Biotage (korábban: IST) szilárd-fázisú extrakciós patronok

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BioChromato 1 és 10 munkahelyes bepárlók

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Személyi mintavevők, szorbens csövek, kalibrátorok

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Redős szűrők, membrán szűrők

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MEGA és Alltech GC kolonnák, ACE ..... Zorbax HPLC kolonnák

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ISOLUTE QuEChERS Sample Preparation Products
ISOLUTE QuEChERS Products for AOAC Method
ISOLUTE QuEChERS Products for EN Method

AOAC 2007.01 General Fruit and Vegetables Method
EN 15662 General Fruit and Vegetables Method


A QuECheRS gyors, egyszerű, olcsó, hatékony, robosztus és biztonságos extrakciós módszer a peszticidmaradványok mérésére.

Application Notes

Extraction of Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals from Water and Sludge Cake Using ISOLUTE QuEChERS Prior to LC/MS Analysis

The environmental persistence of pharmaceuticals is of increasing interest, with little known regarding removal during wastewater treatment. This study investigates the potential of commercially available QuEChERS kits for the extraction and clean-up of a suite of common over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals from water and sludge cake. Extracts are analysed using LC-MS/MS.

Extraction of Malachite Green, Crystal Violet and their Leuco Metabolites From Salmon Using QuEChERS and EVOLUTE CX for LC-MS-MS Analysis

Malachite green (MG) and crystal (gentian) violet (CV) are triphenylmethane dyes used in aquaculture as fungicides and ectoparasiticides. They are rapidly metabolised to the leucomalachite green (LMG) and leucocrystal (gentian) violet (LCV) metabolites that persist in fish tissue. MG and CV are banned in many countries due to their mutagenicity and carcinogenicity, but may still be used illegally. Monitoring methodologies must be able to detect the compounds at 1 ng/g (US) or 2 ng/g (EU). In order to meet these LODs for complex matrices such as oily fish, and the low UV absorbance of the leuco forms, LC-MS-MS is the analytical method of choice. This application note focuses on ease of use when compared to other methods, and describes a QuEChERS based approach incorporating the use of aluminium oxide in enhanced dispersive SPE to reduce the levels of fat in the final extract. Additional cleanup is provided by polymeric EVOLUTE SPE columns, and the resulting extract demonstrated low ion suppression. Analyte recoveries of 60-105%, with low rsds, are achieved. The method is also applicable to Brilliant green.



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